Samsung OLED TV Introduces Curved Display to the Home Theater

The Samsung OLED TV was unveiled by the company at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and introduces a curved display to the home theater experience.

This new set is technically the world's first ever curved OLED TV and features Ultra-High Definition also known as UHD and utilizes YOUM flexible screen technology to create the unconventional display.

"Samsung is dedicated to developing innovation television solutions, beyond what consumers could ever expect, or could even imagine. We will continue our tradition of developing Samsung TV innovations by steadily introducing new TB technology that helps enhance the lives of users, even beyond the World's First Curved OLED TV," said HS Kim, Samsung executive vice president of Visual Display Business.

Samsung hopes to provide more depth to the viewing experience by releasing a set with a curved display that it promotes as almost life-like. The company also says that the OLED TV will have an immersive panorama effect that is not possible to achieve with the conventional flat-panel TVs.

The OLED set allows the human eye to have a comfortable viewing experience as the distance between the user and the screen will appear to be the same from almost any angle.

The L.A. Times was able to get a first look at the OLED TV as this year's CES, stating that the curve did not affect the way that viewer's eye saw the image and said that the overall picture quality was "unsurprisingly, remarkable."

Samsung did not give a release date or pricing information for the OLED TV, but the model displayed at CES 2013 appeared to be 55-inches.

Samsung has also said it will release smartphones with curved displays sometime in the near future.