Samsung Releases its First Galaxy S3 Commercial on YouTube

Samsung released its first commercial for the Galaxy S3 through its YouTube account this week.

The ad previously aired at the unveiling event for the device that took place on May 5 in London, England.

The company seems to have abandoned its attack on Apple products that it used in the ads for the smartphone's predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Samsung took on a different strategy this time around by emphasizing the new features on the device and how users can interact with them during their everyday lives.

The company's new strategy could potentially help or hurt the company since its ad campaign for the Galaxy S2 helped to catapult the smartphone to huge success.

Samsung also recently announced that it would be releasing a series of different accessories for the Galaxy S3 smartphone.

However, the company did show any of these accessories to the public yet. But thanks to SlashGear, there are now some pictures available of four of the new accessories coming out for the Galaxy S3.

The pictures show the flip cover, a stylus attachment similar to the S Pen known as the C-Pen, a Wi-Fi display hub, and a charger.

The flip cover attaches to the back of the device and flips in the front. The C-Pen will allow users to employ natural handwriting through the TouchWiz applications pre-installed on the device. The Wi-Fi display Hub will let Galaxy S3 owners project their content through an HDMI port on the hub. And the charger will charge the smartphone upright and will have an extra battery in the back.

Samsung is also expected to release a wireless charging kit for the S3. However, the latest rumors state that the component has been delayed until September. The rest of the new accessories are expected to ship pretty close to the May 29 European launch of the device.