Samsung's New Messaging App 'ChatON' Supports iOS, Android, BlackBerry

Samsung is planning to launch its newest mobile messaging app called "ChatON" in September.

While other mobile messaging apps allow people to message each other across different devices, ChatON will enable messaging across even more devices and even allow a web messaging app to stay connected via web-browser. So far, there is no other cross-platform messaging app like ChatON offering such extensive options.

ChatON will allow messaging across Samsung Devices (Devices running on Bada mobile OS included); iOS, Android, BlackBerry mobile devices; web-based client(PCs); and feature phones.

The service will allow text, images, video, appointment and contact sharing in regular phones while in Smartphones it will enable even more options such as sending multimedia messages combining text and audio.

Users will be able to engage in private one-to-one conversations or in group chats.

ChatON will make its debut and be showcased during this week's IAF Conference in Berlin.