San Diego Creation Museum: New Human Anatomy Exhibit Evidence of Creator

SANTEE, Calif. – The Creation and Earth History Museum in San Diego County celebrated National Museum Day Saturday with the opening of its Human Anatomy Exhibit, expanding on the nonprofit ministry’s focus of teaching about the Creator.

More than 1,500 people, including many parents with children, attended the full program, which included the unveiling of the Dinosaur Garden, speakers, and kids activities. The museum is located about a 20-minute drive from downtown San Diego.

The Light and Life Foundation, which owns the 7,500 square-foot facility, is led by Tom Cantor, the owner of Scantibodies Laboratory, Inc., and his wife, Cheryl. The museum was launched by Dr. Henry Morris' Institute of Creation Research in 1992. ICR moved its headquarters to Dallas and sold the museum to the Cantors and their foundation three years ago.

The Human Anatomy Exhibit includes wall displays and videos, which provide educational information on DNA, various types of human cells, body systems, and the stages of human life beginning with conception. Colorful images of skin and blood cells are accompanied by plaques loaded with facts and descriptions.

Museum tour guide John Nelson told The Christian Post that he was excited to see such a big turnout for the event. Nelson was involved in the museum staff's decisions about what displays were to be placed in the new exhibit.

“One of the main things we are trying to point out is the complexity of the human anatomy ... how complex the eye is, how complex the heart is, how complex the entire circulatory system is and so on,” Nelson said. “This is all evidence of a Creator and not evolution.”

Guest speakers holding sessions in the museum’s conference room during the event included Dr. Duane Gish, Biology Director David Hillaker, Geologist Steve Austin, and Answers in Genesis’ Dr. David Menton.

Nelson said that the museum and planned speakers for coming events are crucial to offering a view of creation that is not commonly found elsewhere.

“This is important for Christians and non-Christians to have available to them information that validates and supports an Intelligent Creator,” he said. “It’s very important because people are not taught that via the media or the public education system, but we know that it's true. The museum is a great resource for that.”

In the early afternoon, the crowd included about a dozen atheist activists in front of the museum holding disparaging signs towards creationism and Christianity. Several Christians attending the event engaged in one-on-one debate with some of the sign holders.

The peaceful demonstration by the atheists did not put a damper on the celebration, said museum manager Jayson Payne. He said he welcomes everyone from the community, no matter what their beliefs.

“We hope they come to the reality of a Creator and hope that their hearts will be softened by this event and future events,” Payne said.

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