Sandlot Actor Arrested: Scotty Smalls Actor, Thomas Guiry, Headbutts Police Officer (VIDEO)

A Sandlot actor has been arrested for headbutting a police officer. Thomas Guiry, best-known for playing Scotty Smalls in the hit 1990s children's baseball film, The Sandlot, was involved in an altercation with a cop, and has been arrested for assault.

(Photo: Twitter/ESPN)The cast of The Sandlot pose for a photo during their 20th anniversary reunion.

It has been reported that Guiry, from New Jersey, was arrested at the weekend after assaulting the police officer at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas.

Guiry was reportedly about to board a plane when a United Airlines staff member insisted that Guiry was too intoxicated to board the flight.

Guiry protested strongly, and the employee reportedly was forced to call Houston Police Department for assistance at 6.45 p.m. local time on Saturday.

(Photo: Twitter/@PatrickRenna)Patrick Renna posted this photo showing himself "then and now" following The Sandlot 20th anniversary reunion.

An officer quickly arrived on the scene and attempted to defuse the situation. He gave the former child actor the option to either be arrested for public intoxication or to instead spend the night in lock up in the drunk tank at the station.

Guiry's anger seemed to escalate and he continued protesting, and then allegedly tried to kick the officer in the face. He missed with that attempt, but then succeeded in headbutting the officer, leading to his arrest.

The police officer is reported to have only suffered minor injuries, but Guiry was arrested for felony assault on a police officer.

He was later released, posting bail which was set at $5,000.

Guiry has not made any public comments about the incident or his arrest since the weekend.

Guiry is best-known for starring in The Sandlot, as well as taking a lead role in the remake of the Lassie movie. He went on to also feature in other films such as Tigerland, The Mudge Boy, and Mystic River.

He has also appeared on television, being cast in the short-lived NBC series, The Black Donnellys. More recently he was cast in an episode of the CBS drama Elementary.

Earlier this year The Sandlot cast celebrated the film's 20th anniversary, and a number of the actors as well as the movie's director and other people associated with the film attended a reunion at the same baseball field where the hit movie was filmed.

Here is the video trailer for The Sandlot: