Sandra Bullock New Movie 'Gravity' Set to Wow Sci-Fi Fans

Sandra Bullock opened up about the "intense experience" surrounding her latest film while at San Diego's Comic-Con this week.

The actress made her first-ever appearance at Comic-Con on Tuesday where she discussed "Gravity," a sci-fi drama that also stars George Clooney.

Filming the movie required Bullock to work under brand new conditions as the film is set in outer space.

Furthermore, director Alfonso Cuaron went to great lengths to simulate gravity, and even put Bullock in a harness that controlled her movements.

"There was no improvising. The physical part was so scary. What was even scarier than that was the technology was being created on the spot," explained Bullock in a video posted to BBC.

The 48-year-old actress filmed her scenes locked inside a 9-by-9-foot cube before a mechanical camera controlled by Cuaron with a remote.

"[Cuaron] was like the evil puppeteer," Bullock joked. "If that robot did decide to continue through my face, I couldn't have gotten out of the way."

Explaining his tactics, Cuaron stressed the importance of keeping the film realistic.

"The goal was for the film to feel like one of those IMAX documentaries, like a Discovery Channel documentary that went absolutely wrong," the director told the Los Angeles Times. "We went through pains to honor reality as much as we could. In terms of the sign of what you see and pretty much what is up there."

"Gravity" follows Clooney and Bullock as astronauts who are involved in an accident that leaves them drifting through space as they attempt to return to Earth. The film will be in theaters on Oct. 4. Watch the trailer here.

Bullock just came off of a press tour for her film "The Heat," which also starred Melissa McCarthy.

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