Sandra Bullock on Boston: An 'Amazing, Strong, Loyal, Kind' City

Sandra Bullock has voiced her support and admiration for Boston and its law enforcement just days after the city faced tragedy during the Boston Marathon bombings on Monday.

Known of one of Hollywood's sweethearts, Bullock discussed the idea of a special screening of her new movie "The Heat" in Boston while speaking to Access Hollywood on Thursday.

"That's a great idea," said the actress. "It's news, but that's a really great idea."

The 48-year-old continued to express her deep regard for Boston in light of the two bombings that have claimed the life of three people and left many others injured this week.

"That city is made up of amazing, strong, loyal, kind, giving people and you saw that once everything happened," said Bullock, according to Access Hollywood. "You saw the amount of people that rushed into the danger and just helped everyone. All tragedies- it brings out the best in people and you just see what a great, great, great place Boston is."

"The Heat," which also stars Melissa McCarthy, was largely filmed in Boston with help from many law enforcement agents there. The comedy hits theaters on June 28.

Bullock added her confidence that Boston would bounce back following the bombings.

"It's been a warm, tight-knit community before this happened, and it just bonded a community even more," said the "Miss Congeniality" star.

McCarthy, who portrays a Boston cop in "The Heat," added her reaction to the news in Boston.

"It's a remarkable place, an amazing city that's obviously going through a really tough situation," said the "Bridesmaid" star. "I have a sweet spot for it now."

Director of "The Heat" Paul Feig declared that the film was a "love letter to Boston," and promised the city an advanced screening of the movie as a show of gratitude and support.

"A lot of our cast are Boston people, either born or raised," said Feig, according to CNN. "So we really would like to support that city. I love that city."