Monday, March 12, 2012
Sarah Jessica Parker, Amanda Seyfried and 'Lovelace' Roles

Sarah Jessica Parker, Amanda Seyfried and 'Lovelace' Roles

Amanda Seyfried said she was the one who convinced her "Lovelace" co-star Sarah Jessica Parker to appear in the film, according to reports this week.

The 46-year-old "Sex and the City" actress will play feminist Gloria Steinem in "Lovelace," after replacing Demi Moore for the role.

"[Moore] was ill so she couldn't show up," explained Seyfried speaking to U.K. talk show host Jonathan Ross. "When we found out she wasn't coming to work, we were just like, 's---!' But the fact is, she couldn't come so we had to find somebody else and so I emailed Sarah Jessica Parker myself."

Moore, 49, suffered a health crisis in late January before checking herself into a rehabilitation center for "exhaustion."

"I feel like [casting is important] when it comes from a personal point, everything's so business-y," continued Seyfried, who plays X-rated actress-turned-anti-pornography activist Linda Lovelace in the film.

"You have to have some kind of connection in this business if you want to get what you want. I really, really love her so I just emailed her," explained Seyfried. "It worked- something happened- she came, she showed up a couple days later."

Seyfried added of Parker, "She is a bada-- in this role."

Parker is married to Matthew Broderick with whom she shares three children. The actress and fashion icon revealed how she decided to appear in the biopic earlier this year.

"I read the script and didn't have enough time to think about it properly," SJP told Entertainment Tonight. "[If I had] I probably would have said no, because it was a daunting experience for lots of obvious and less obvious reasons."

On replacing Moore in the role of Gloria Steinem, SJP said, "It was difficult because, obviously, the circumstances are not ideal," according to Access Hollywood.

"I obviously conveyed that to the filmmakers [and] that I was aware and I was sorry for the reasons that they had to reach out to me," continued the actress. "Also, of course, the somewhat daunting task of playing somebody with very little time [to prepare], who was obviously such an important person in the women's movement, but also played such a pivotal role in Linda's life."

"Lovelace" also sees notable actors like Hank Azaria, James Franco, Sharon Stone, and Juno Temple. The film is scheduled to premiere this year, with the release date to be announced.



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