Monday, April 16, 2012
Sarah Palin Responds to Roger Ailes Comments: Don't 'Dictate' My Life (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin Responds to Roger Ailes Comments: Don't 'Dictate' My Life (VIDEO)

In a speech at the University of North Carolina, Fox News mogul Roger Ailes stated that former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin had "no chance" at being president. Palin later dismissed the remark and offered some suggested reading.

"Interesting," Palin remarked after Ailes disregarded the former Alaskan governor. In an interview with, Palin explained that she is no stranger to the "in your dreams" attitude.

"I haven't heard all of his remarks, but I wonder if he is aware that the same thing was said about me when I ran for city council, mayor, and eventually governor," Palin stated.

Palin also stated that nothing was more motivating than someone suggesting that a goal in unobtainable.

"No doubt many people who are told they can't do something will work that much harder, and they succeed," Palin imbued. "Maybe you guys should send him a copy of Steve Bannon's 'The Undefeated.'"

Palin advocated every individuals right to choose their own ambitions by stating that others had no right to "dictate one's path in life."

The former governor gave the air that she was prepared to go after what she wanted. She added that most people are better at "never giving up when you're fighting for something precious like our exceptional nation and our children's futures."

Ailes clarified his statement later on Friday, suggesting that his comment was not a personal attack on Palin.

"When I hired most of the Republican contributors, none of them had any immediate prospects of becoming President -- I wasn't referring to any of their long-term prospects, including Governor Palin," Ailes said in a statement.

"I hired all of them because they made for good television at the time. Sarah Palin is young and nobody can predict the future," he explained.


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