Sarah Palin's Aide Lashes Out at 'Sick' HBO 'Game Change' Film (VIDEO)

An aide for former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has lashed out against the new HBO film "Game Change," arguing that Palin's portrayal in the film is "sick."


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"Game Change" chronicles the former Alaska governor's role in the 2008 Republican campaign, but Palin's aides have come out to suggest that the film is inaccurate.

"They don't want to hear anything good," former spokeswoman for Palin Meg Stapleton told The Associated Press. "We all know Palin sells and dramatization of Palin sells even more. This is sick."

"They mock Gov. Palin, you mock Gov. Palin, as weak and unable to cope and press forward," she added arguing that the 48-year-old mother of five is far from weak. "Any lesser man would have hanged himself by now."

"Game Change," is based off the best selling book, Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin and the Race of a Lifetime by authors Mark Halperin and John Heileman.

The film is set to air on March 10, but trailers for the film appear to cast Palin in a negative light.

In the short trailers, Palin is depicted having breakdowns, throwing tantrums, and struggling with the newfound pressure of the campaign.

Director of the film Jay Roach attempted to interview Palin to ensure accuracy of the film, but says that he was denied access to the politician, and the filmmakers maintain that the movie depicts the politician from a fair and balanced perspective.

Actress Julianne Moore, 51, stars as Palin in the film. Actor Ed Harris plays John McCain and Woody Harrelson is cast as McCain's advisor Steve Schmidt.

Palin has come out to suggest that she is not thrilled with the idea of watching the trials and tribulations of the 2008 campaign on screen.

"I think I'll just grit my teeth and bear whatever comes what may with that movie," she told Fox News in December.

Watch a trailer for the "Game Change" film from HBO below: