'Saturday Night Live' Pokes Fun at Kim Kardashian's Wedding (Video)

"Saturday Night Live" took a negative situation and spun it around so everyone could laugh about it – everyone except Kim Kardashian.

With Kardashian and Kris Humphries' divorce in the media dominating tabloid headlines, "SNL" capitalized on the hot story by spoofing the 72-day long marriage.

Calling the skit the "Fairy Tale Divorce," performers Nasim Pedrad, Abby Elliot, and Vanessa Bayer played the three sisters while Kristen Wiig played Kris Jenner.

The skit opened after Pedrad said: "Whoopsies, I got divorced."

Then Wiig's spot-on impersonation of Kim's mom came onto the screen and said: “Can you believe I’m old enough to have a daughter who’s getting divorced? No, you can’t, because my surgeries worked," poking fun at her plastic surgeries before the wedding.

The skit continued making fun of the absurdity of the $10 million wedding, and the 72 days of marriage, by having Kim reveal her reason for why the marriage did not work.

“Marriages are hard, and it turns out Kris was only half the man I wanted him to be,” said the fake Kim. “And by that I mean he was only half black.”

TMZ broke a story today about a possible reconciliation of the ex couple as they met with their pastor.

The gossip website was informed about their meeting with Pastor Joel Johnson, and that it went well as they came to a mutual agreement of love and respect for each other. However, both realized they still have many issues to work out.

The same sources told TMZ Kris was "ecstatic," and following the trip to Minnesota, he now feels he can "win her back."

Kardashian is still unsure about moving forward, but was at least willing to talk.

 Watch the 'SNL" video below (some adult themes are present):