Saying No to the Morning-After Pill

 I hope you heard Eric Metaxas on yesterday's BreakPoint. I've come to know Eric quite well, and I could feel his anguish over the administration's ridiculous decision not to fight a judge's ruling to allow girls of any age to get the morning-after pill over the counter, even without parental permission.

Well, I've got three daughters myself, and I share his outrage about this clear assault on families. As Eric made so clear, it's putting our daughters in danger. It enables the exploitation of women, especially minors. We have every right as Americans and Christians to fight for laws that protect our children, and against laws that harm them.

But make no mistake: We shouldn't be surprised that the government wants to allow our daughters to access chemically-induced abortions. And it's not just because pro-abortion forces are entrenched in government and in left-of-center politics. Something else is going on, something Chuck Colson and others have warned us about for years.