'Scandal' Season 4 Plot Spoilers: Harrison Wright Leaving Show, Fitz and Mellie Aftermath of Son's Death

Shonda Rhimes, ABC's Scandal creator, has shared a few sneak spoilers recently that will definitely excite the TV series' devoted fans as they await for the Season 4 premiere date.

Fitz (Tony Goldwin) and Mellie (Bellamy Young) will try and overcome the loss of their son from season 3, and that plot line will be one of the highlights of the upcoming season.

(Photo: ABC Screen Shot)Scandal Season 4

While it can be remembered that Olivia hopped on a plane with Jake even after she expressed how she can't respond to his affection as she is enamored with someone else, what is in for Liv and Fitz during the upcoming season is something that viewers will need to watch out for. Especially that Tony Goldwin has shared in a very recent interview that Fitz and Mellie will be brought together by their current crisis.

Papa Pope, Joe Morton's character in the series, hopping into the plane without his daughter knowing, adds yet another twist to the upcoming season.

On top of that Rhimes shared that Papa Pope will exhibit his sway on the characters in Season 4.

Huck, Pope and Associates' trusty computer geek will have a lot to do this season that calls for "off-computing" connections as he braves himself up to face is estranged wife and child.

One more major spoiler that Rhimes has shared is the confirmation of Columbus Short's end of contract with Scandal. How things will end for Harrison Wright, Short's character in the series, is yet to be unveiled. However, since Rhimes has already confirmed the departure, season 4 will definitely have one less litigator for Olivia's agency.