Scarf-Wearing Pig in Pittsburgh Roams Highway, Evades State Trooper (VIDEO)

Officials are on the look out for a sharply dressed pig that was spotted on a major Pittsburg highway Wednesday morning.

Motorists driving down Parkway West, officially named Interstate 376, were caught off-guard during their morning commute when a "sharply dressed" pig made a brief appearance in the midst of traffic.

The pig was spotted between 8:30 and 9 a.m., right around rush hour, according to the Associate Press.

"State troopers from the nearby barracks in Findlay Township spotted the pig, but couldn't catch up to it," AP news confirmed. The report stated that the pig "scurried" into the woods before officials could lay a hand on the animal.

Its has not yet been discovered where the big came from, but the animal appeared to be wearing a scarf. Despite the classy get up, the pig is believed to be only a baby.

Durham, North Carolina had a similar problem in March when emergency dispatchers received a number of calls reporting that a truck had been dropping pigs along I-40.

The conversation between one caller and the emergency dispatcher was released on NBC after the incident occurred.

Dispatcher: Durham 911, where is your emergency?
Caller: Yes, there is a truck on highway 40 that's dropping pigs.
Dispatcher: They are dropping what?
Caller: There is a huge truck that's carrying pigs and some of them fell on the highway.
Dispatcher: So there is pigs falling on the highway?

Five pigs in all were dropped on the highway, only one injured with minor cuts. It was not revealed whether or not the pigs were claimed by the owner, who appeared not to notice the escaping pigs.