Scarlett Johansson Dismisses Adult Store Picture, Slams TMZ

Scarlett Johansson's image was used for a crude adult store on the border between California and Mexico, but the Hollywood star doesn't seem much to mind. ScarJo's tongue-in-cheek remark had more to do with the story, and less to do with the use of her image.

Scarlett Johansson's likeness- complete with revealing lingerie- was pasted on business cards for the "VIP" adult store in Calexico, Calif., according to TMZ. The store used a picture of ScarJo in a bid for business, but the actress responded with sarcasm to the story.

"I applaud TMZ's, once again, award winning investigative journalism for securing the knowledge of my legions of Mexican fans," said the actress in a cynical statement.

Though Johansson seems to be taking a nonchalant tone to the matter, the manager of the store in question seemed to be ignorant of the matter altogether.

"What does it have to do with the business card?" asked the man when prompted by TMZ. "I don't know who Scarlett Johansson is." Though the manager may be unaware of the law, because the store is technically in California, the store and creator of the cards could be subject to ScarJo's legal team.

"The owner ordered cards from a company and said we need something with a girl on the card and the company did it," said the manager.

This isn't the first time the actress' image has been taken unlawfully. Johansson's nude pictures to her ex-husband, Ryan Reynolds, were leaked by Christopher Chaney of Jacksonville, Fla. last year. Chaney, 35, admitted to charges including unauthorized access to a computer and wiretapping.

Other victims of his hacking included celebrities like Mila Kunis, Christinia Aguilera, and Vanessa Hudgens. Johansson said that her faith in the legal system was strong following Chaney's arrest in October 2011.

"I have confidence that justice will prevail and that the court will set a precedent for a 'no tolerance policy' in regards to identity theft, computer hacking and invasion of privacy," Scarlett Johansson stated to the Associated Press.