Scarlett Johansson Leaked Photos 2011: Actress Fights to Protect Her Privacy

Scarlett Johansson has kept her silence since she became a victim of hackers who stole private and intimate photos of her and revealed them online. However, that silence has now been broken and she has now spoken out about the invasion of her privacy.

In an interview with CNN’s David McKenzie, Johansson spoke about the phone-hacking scandal, answering why it was important to protect her privacy.

"I think the question is sort of redundant," she replied, smiling. "Who doesn't want to protect their own privacy?”

The actress justified her answer by explaining that although exposed as an actress, she deserves privacy and called the invasion “unjust.”

"Just because you're in the spotlight or just because you're an actor or make films doesn't mean you're not entitled to your own personal privacy," she said. "No matter what the context, when that is sieged in some way it feels unjust, it feels wrong."

Speaking about how she manages to cope with such invasion of her privacy she said: “I don't know. To me, it's an adjustment. There are certainly instances I think where you give a lot of yourself, finally you just kind of put your foot down and say, 'No wait, I'm taking it back.”

The nude photos showing the actress were allegedly hacked from her mobile phone. After the incident, Johansson’s lawyers called in the FBI to investigate the case.

Johansson, 26, is only one of several celebrities who have fallen victim to nude photography leakages due to hacking. Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Alba, Blake Lively and, recently, Mila Kunis, are also rumored to have been victims.

Despite the scandal, Johansson is pushing forward and will appear in the movie “We Bought a Zoo” due in theatres in December 2011. Johansson will co-star beside Matt Damon, Cameron Crowe and Elle Fanning.