School Bus Overturns Near Kansas City; 15 School Girls Taken to Hospital (VIDEO, PHOTO)

A school bus has overturned injuring more than a dozen children near Kansas City, Mo., authorities have reported on Wednesday.

(Photo: YouTube/Action News Screen Shot)A school bus has overturned near Kansas City, hospitalizing 15 children with minor injuries.

The school bus was carrying 36 sixth grade girls for a camping trip when it overturned. Early reports indicated that 15 children were hospitalized in the incident, although no deaths have been reported.

Technical Trooper Howard Dickinson, a spokesman for the Kansas State Police, has said, "Fortunately, there were only minor injuries. All of the students seem to be OK."

The 15 children taken to hospital were checked over for a variety of injuries including head and neck wounds. The checks were mostly carried out "just to be safe," said Dickerson, according to ABC News.

The school bus was carrying students from Pembroke Fields School in Kansas City, Mo. They were traveling to Tall Oaks Conference Center in Linwood, Kan.

In the aftermath of the accident, the school bus was seen on its side in a ditch along a ramp that connected Kansas Highways 7 and 32 in Bonner Springs, Kan.

There were initial fears that more serious injuries had occurred, after video footage at the scene showed numerous children being treated by medics at the scene, and a number of others being moved by stretcher into ambulances to be taken to the hospital.

Dickinson has said, "The bus came around a corner and dropped a rear wheel off the roadway. It swung around and turned over in a ditch."

Here is video footage from a news report into the school bus accident in which the bus overturned near Kansas City: