Schwarzenegger Tank Crushes Car to Promote 'The Last Stand' Movie (VIDEO)

Arnold Schwarzenegger took his personal military vehicle out for a spin in videos uploaded to YouTube this week.

The former governor of California displayed the power of the tank in the short clip while onlookers and journalists, cheered and gasped.

While Schwarzenegger is well known for his military background in Austria and his action films, it seems fitting that the 65-year-old star owns the M47 Patton tank.

The tank is "exactly the very tank that I [drove] in the Austrian Army when I was 18 years old," explained the actor in the video talk.

Schwarzenegger's stunt was part of a press event at Melody Ranch Motion Picture Studio in Los Angeles on Friday where he promoted the upcoming film "The Last Stand."

Along with taking reporters for rides on the 50-ton vehicle, Schwarzenegger also used the tank to flatten a car in a most impressive maneuver.

The powerful tank has been in Schwarzenegger's possession since 1992, and the actor often uses it when working with underprivileged kids participating in his charity foundation.

Meanwhile, the event supported Schwarzenegger's return to action-hero stardom with the anticipated release of "The Last Stand."

Although the actor recently appeared in "Expendables 2" alongside Sylvester Stallone, Schwarzenegger said that the film was just "a good warm-up to get back into the movies," reported Yahoo!

"The Last Stand" will see the veteran actor portray a former LAPD officer who has moved to a quieter town. The film will also star Johnny Knoxville, Forest Whitaker, Rodrigo Santoro, and Jaimie Alexander. It opens in theaters everywhere on Jan. 18.

The film is the latest project by Schwarzenegger, who released his autobiography "Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story" last year.

"Total Recall" includes 624 pages that describe Schwarzenegger's life from growing up in rural Austria to his career as a politician in California, and the former governor does not shy away from his personal life, including his public divorce from Maria Shriver.