Scientology Breaking Rules to Allow Tom Cruise to See Daughter Suri?

Tom Cruise has not been pictured very often with his daughter, Suri Cruise, after the divorce from Katie Holmes, and there may be a very good reason for that. Scientologists allegedly encourage divorcees to stay away from one another, especially if one chooses to leave the Church of Scientology.

Yet there are those who believe the cult is breaking its own rules in order to allow Cruise to spend time with his daughter. This could be considered extremely unfair to "ordinary" Scientologists, who have had to leave their families behind.

"If Tom was any other Scientologist, including lesser celebrities, he would not be allowed to continue seeing and maintaining communication with Katie or Suri because they are no longer in Scientology," Nancy Many, former president of the celebrity center of Scientology, told Radar Online.

"So far, because of who he is, Cruise has spent time with Suri, which has already upset the parents and children of existing Scientologists who can't talk to their loved ones. If he is supposed to be a Scientologist, why don't the rules for every other member apply to him?" Many added.

Scientologists traditionally shun those who leave the faith and makes no allowances, even after death. In the highly publicized case of Alexander Jentzsch, son of a former Scientologist president, his own mother was not allowed to see his body or attend his funeral because she renounced Scientology.

"After I formally left (Scientology), [Alexander] called me and told me to never call, text, email or attempt to communicate with him in any way until I got approval from the Office of Special Affairs," Karen de la Carriere told Radar Online.

"Sadly, that was the last time I ever talked to him. I was hopeful that over time, I would be able to win my son back, and that he would allow me into his life," she added.

Holmes has made certain that Suri will not be exposed to any type of Scientology when she is with Cruise, according to TMZ.

"Under terms of the settlement, Suri isn't permitted to be exposed to anything Scientology related and this includes going to any Scientology churches, parties, etc. Katie made sure that this was ironclad in the agreement," a source told the site.