Scientology vs. Catholicism: Were Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Doomed to Fail?

Religion Divides Increase Divorce Rates, Especially When Children Are Involved

While many rumors have surfaced over the sudden divorce between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, many putting heavy blame on Scientology, it may be unfair to blame just one religion's beliefs. Research confirms that a couple who does not share the same religious belief is more likely to get divorced, regardless of what those beliefs are.

The current number of Americans divorced is about 10 percent of the population, with divorce affecting around 50 percent of all marriages. While things like money and cheating spouses have been cited as the top reasons for divorce, the most common cause was listed as communication, which could be affected by a person's religious beliefs- especially when it comes to raising children.

Based on research found in the 2001 American Religious Identification Survey, 10 percent of parents who had children but held different religious beliefs were divorced. In comparison, only 3 percent of couples who had children and shared the same faith were divorced.

If such figures remain accurate, then it may be the case that Cruise and Holmes were already at a disadvantage given that Holmes was Catholic before marrying Cruise, a Scientologist. While many may see Scientology as an extreme cult, any conflicting religion could have contributed to the breakdown of their marriage.

Religion could also play a large role in how couples wish to raise their children, creating a number of communication issues. In Holmes case, it was rumored that Cruise was interested in sending their daughter Suri away to a Scientology school that would teach her the higher practices of the religion. For Holmes, such a separation may have seemed unnecessary and extreme, although had she been raised a Scientologist it would have seemed more customary.

Holmes has now allegedly opted to return to the Catholic Church, further promoting the theory that religious difference largely contributed to the couples' divorce. In addition, some reports have stated that Holmes feared that Suri would turn against her if sent away to a school for Scientology, prompting her to push for divorce despite that fact that she still harvested feelings for Cruise.

"She actually still loves Tom but would rather leave him than have Suri turned against her," a source told Us Weekly.