Scott Bakula and 'Desperate Housewives' Finale: There Will Be 'Gasping Moments'

Actor Scott Bakula has revealed quite a bit about his time on "Desperate Housewives," notably the series' final episodes. Bakula promises, "there's surprises … there's reveals … and there's gasping moments."

Bakula, who is playing Trip, Bree's defense attorney in the final episodes, has said that the murder trial "is pretty drawn out and pretty extensive. There's enough courtroom coming up that everybody that had to shoot it and be in it were sick of it," he told The Hollywood Reporter.

"There's only so many ways you can shoot courtroom stuff. We got in there and did the best we could and made it as interesting as we could. And they wrote it in a way that I think definitely keeps it moving," Bakula explained.

Bakula, best known for his role on "Quantum Leap," was surprised to get such a juicy role on the hit series "Desperate Housewives," which is ending after eight seasons.

"It wasn't like I would have taken any part," Bakula said. "But the fact that it was such a nice part, and I think Trip is well-written and there were possibilities for humor and for some sexuality and some relationship stuff with Marica (Cross) that comes into play, that makes it fun."

"Housewives" creator Marc Cherry told reporters that he "wanted to go out when the network (ABC) still saw us as a viable show and a force to contend with. We felt from a creative standpoint that this was the right time. I feel so good about it."

"it's such an iconic show and we're extremely proud of it," ABC president Paul Lee said at the Television Critics Association press tour. "I just wanted to make sure it had its victory lap."

The show, which will end in May, has won numerous awards, including seven Emmy Awards, two Golden Globes, and two Screen Actors Guild awards.