Scott Disick Criminal Past Revealed Amid Kourtney Kardashian Canceled Wedding Reports?

Scott Disick, the troubled boyfriend of reality TV personality Kourtney Kardashian, has been accused of stealing from young girls after sleeping with them when he was a teenager, it has been revealed.

The 28-year-old allegedly used to make homemade sex tapes- similar to that of Kourtney's sister Kim's 2007 tape- before stealing valuable items from the girls that he slept with, including cell phones and credit cards, according to a new report.

"It's true that Scott began videotaping himself having sex with girls when he was in his late teens, and then he'd steal from them!" Disick's former friend, Brittany Reichek, told Star Magazine.

"Scott and one of his buddies had a system," the 29-year-old explained. "They would pass themselves off as wealthy stockbrokers, pick up girls in the clubs in the Hamptons, get drunk with them, then take them back to their parents' homes and claim the houses were their own."

Disick, who often appears on the Kardashian family's E! Reality TV show, is renowned for his foul behavior.

The father of two is often drunk and abusive toward Kourtney, the mother of his children, and these latest reports are expected to add friction to their already strained relationship.

"When the time was right, Scott and his friend would go through their handbags and steal just about anything they could get their hands on," Reichek, said adding that the stolen items consisted of cell phones, a camera, cash and even credit cards.

"[Disick] videotaped girls and stole from them more than 50 times in the years I was around him," she added.

The allegations follow explosive reports that Kourtney, who was previously rumored to be planning the couple's wedding with the E! Network, is fed up with Disick's outrageous behavior and that she has begun considering life as a single mother.

"[Kourtney] doesn't need Scott. Since Kourtney's become a mother, her priorities have changed, and Scott hasn't shared her love for being a parent," a source told Life & Style magazine.

"Scott's totally out of control and a loose cannon, he's doing whatever he wants to do," another source explained adding, "Their relationship has always been so up and down and he's definitely back to his old ways."

The couple of six years share a son Mason, 2, as well as their newborn daughter Penelope Scotland. Despite Kourtney having a heavy load, Disick is reportedly disinterested in helping out the new mom.

"Kourtney's looking into getting a nanny. Scott won't help out, so she needs someone she can count on when her family's not around," the source said.