Scott Disick Hitting on Christina Milian in Miami? (PHOTO)

Scott Disick has been accused of hitting on Christina Milian amid rumors that his long-term girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian is in the process of leaving him.

Disick, who along with Kardashian recently welcomed the birth of their second child, was reportedly spotted partying at LIV nightclub in Miami on Sunday July 22, where onlookers say the reality TV personality was drunk and up to no good.

"Scott was hitting on Christina all night. She kept ignoring him but he was acting like he just didn't get it. He just kept following her and pretty much begging her to party with him," a source told

"Not only was Scott being really thirsty toward Christina, he was clearly drunk ... completely wasted," the source added.

Milian, the ex-wife of renowned singer and music producer The Dream, allegedly attempted to walk away as Disick, 28, made advances toward her, but the father of two was reportedly oblivious and persistent.

"Lil Wayne was also at the party and the promoter asked Christina to come take a group photo. As soon as she moved, Scott was right behind her following her," the source explained.

The allegations follow explosive reports that Kardashian, 32, who was previously rumored to be planning the couple's wedding with the E! Network, is fed up with Disick's drunken behavior. She is now said to be considering life as a single mother.

"[Kourtney] doesn't need Scott. Since Kourtney's become a mother, her priorities have changed, and Scott hasn't shared her love for being a parent," a source told Life & Style magazine.

"Scott's totally out of control and a loose cannon, he's doing whatever he wants to do," another source explained adding, "Their relationship has always been so up and down and he's definitely back to his old ways."

The couple of six years shares a son Mason, 2, as well as their newborn daughter Penelope Scotland.