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Scott Stapp of Creed Fame Talks Faith, Family, Rock 'N' Roll and New Album, 'Proof of Life'

Scott Stapp of Creed Fame Talks Faith, Family, Rock 'N' Roll and New Album, 'Proof of Life'

Scott Stapp, Grammy Award winning leader of the multiplatinum rock band Creed talks to The Christian Post about fame, family, addiction and his faith in Jesus Christ, in New York City, N.Y., Oct. 10, 2012. | (Photo: The Christian Post)
Members of the rock band Creed, from left: bassist Brett Hestia, Singer Scott Stapp, guitarist Mark Tremonti, and drummer Scott Phillips arrive at the 2002 Billboard Music Awards show at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nev., Dec. 9, 2002. Creed won four awards, including group/duo of the year. | (Photo: Reuters/Steve Marcus)

Scott Stapp, Grammy Award-winning singer and former Creed frontman, will be releasing his second solo album Proof of Life next month and continues to speak publicly about his past troubles and journey back to faith.

Stapp, the father of three who's overcoming an addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs, told Fox 411 in a recent interview that he's "come out of a really dark place" in his life; and a point in which, he says, he would like to give advice to the younger Stapp, even though he knows he cannot turn back the clock.

Talking about his album that will be released on Nov. 5, Stapp commented that the songs are a reflection of the transformation he's made in his life though God's grace and his loving family.

"I call this record Proof of Life because there was a time where I thought my life had become a waste and I'd made such a mess. But I found that this mess I had made in my life, through my relationship with God, turned into a message and that it wasn't all lost," he explained.

Proof of Life is Stapp's second solo album with his first, The Great Divide, in 2005 going certified platinum. Proof of Life is the first new material since he released his 2012 uncensored memoir, Sinner's Creed.

In the book, he shares his fundamentalist upbringing, the rise of Creed, and his ongoing battle with addiction, the rediscovery of his faith and the launch of his solo career.

The new album, he said, reaffirms the realizations and the stories in the book and puts them to music in an emotional journey.

"This is the most meaningful record of my career," said Stapp. "I've made a lot of messes in my life, but I've learned I can take a mess and turn it into a message. This album chronicles my struggles, my journey and it's the most honest record I have ever written."

Earlier this year Stapp shared his story of fame, fall and daily recovery with CBN and said that when he wrote the lyrics for Creed, he felt "a connection with God," and when he sang the songs, "he felt led by the Holy Spirit."

Although he prayed for and enjoyed Creed's success, he was also a "Christian in rebellion," he said, who was running from his faith.

In the midst of depression, despair and time away from the band, Stapp was drinking and using drugs. Paranoid, he checked into the Delano Hotel in Miami, Fla., where he thought the police were after him, and subsequently climbed onto his balcony, lost his footing and fell 40 feet onto a ledge that collected seagull waste.

"Thank God there was a ledge about four stories down and I shouldn't have survived that impact. I talked about that scenario in a song, called "Give Me More," he told Fox 411.

Stapp was struggling to reconcile memories from his childhood and the abuse he sustained at the hands of his step-father, who countered his grandfather's teachings that God is love, forgiveness and grace, by using religion as an excuse to mistreat his stepson.

"It was hard to reconcile that when it was done in the name of God. I began to ask so many questions and doubt my faith and really went through a period where I went in the complete opposite direction because I was like, 'Well if this is what it's all about, I don't want anything to do with it," he said.

Stapp told CBN that through the love of his wife, mother-in-law and three children, God has shown him His love and grace; and added that he's overcome his bitterness toward his step-father and wants to share his story to help other people who are struggling with similar issues.


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