Scott Storch Arrested for Cocaine at Las Vegas Hotel

Super producer Scott Storch continues his battle with cocaine addiction after being arrested for possession of cocaine in Las Vegas earlier this month.

Scott Storch is famous for producing hit songs for artists like Beyonce, 50 Cent, Jay-Z and many other pop stars, but lately he has been in the news for his battle with cocaine addiction. His latest arrest came in Las Vegas Feb. 4th after police found him trying to hide a bag of a cocaine in a hotel trashcan, according to

Security guards at the Cosmopolitan Hotel reportedly noticed that Storch was stuffing a bag of cocaine into a trashcan. Police eventually found 2.7 grams of cocaine in the trashcan and arrested Storch.

Police were initially called by the hotel staff because Storch had refused to pay for his room, according to TMZ. Shortly after his arrest, Storch was released on a $5,000 bond.

Storch built a million dollar empire by producing hit records for many famous stars, but he blew it all after getting hooked on drugs.

He spent almost all of his $30 million fortune on cocaine, girls, flashy cars, expensive trips and a series of what he called, "poor judgement decisions" in just three years, according to His rockstar lifestyle came to a halt in 2009, when he realized he was broke.

Since then, he's filed for bankruptcy and checked into rehab facility in Florida. He was been working on his recovery ever since, though this latest relapse indicates that he may be heading back to his old ways.

TMZ has reported that he was spotted in Los Angeles, laughing and joking about Brooke Hogan, while smoking a cigar as if nothing happened. The embattled producer signed Brooke Hogan, daughter of wrestler Hulk Hogan, to his label Storch music company in 2006 and produced her debut album, "Undiscovered."

However, her music career never materialized, and Storch said he only signed Hogan because he was high on cocaine and under pressure from Hulk Hogan. In a TMZ video, Storch said that she would make a great wrestler.