Scottie Pippen Fought Autograph Seeker, 'Being Cooperative' With Police (VIDEO)

Scottie Pippen is "being cooperative" with police, who named him as a suspect in the beating of a man during a fight at a Malibu restaurant Sunday. The former Chicago Bulls basketball player voluntarily spoke with authorities Monday after sending the unnamed man to the hospital.

Scottie Pippen had fought with the man, an autograph seeker, outside the Calif. restaurant, which ended up in with the man heading to the hospital. When police arrived to find out what happened, Pippen was nowhere to be found. He met with the authorities at a Los Angeles County sheriff's substation to talk, though.

"He's being cooperative," police representative Steve Whitmore told the Associated Press.

Pippen was dining in the Nobu sushi restaurant, a popular spot for celebrity guests, when the man began taking pictures of him and his family. The man was also visibly intoxicated, witnesses told police. After Pippen left the restaurant around 6:30 p.m., the altercation began.

The 47-year-old basketball legend was in the parking lot by the valet stand when he and the man began arguing. The argument turned into a fight, witnesses would later tell police.

"That argument led to an altercation," Whitmore explained. "Our detectives are investigating this right now."

The man apparently wanted the former All-Star's autograph to go along with the pictures, Capt. Patrick Davoren told AP. Pippen, who is 6'8" and at least 200 pounds, sent the other man to the hospital with a head injury. He was treated and released.

Authorities are still trying to determine if Pippen will be charged with assault with intent to commit great bodily harm.

"Charges could follow, we don't know," Whitemore told AP. "We have to investigate and check with all the witnesses and find out exactly what happened."

Pippen currently supports the Chicago Bulls as a special advisor to the team president and chief operating officer. The NBA organization had no comment on the incident.