Scotty McCreery Falls Off Stage, Brad Paisley Sets Up Caution Tape (PHOTO)

Scotty McCreery took a dip Friday night, falling off the stage during his opening act for Brad Paisley.

Despite having a certified platinum album, Scotty McCreery is still a rookie in some departments, or so it would appear. On Friday night, while opening for a Brad Paisley concert in Bethel, New York the former "American Idol" star fell off the stage mid-song.

McCreery won the tenth season of "American Idol" in 2011 and since, has topped five different Billboard charts in addition to selling over a million copies of his first official album, "Clear as Day." His success, however, didn't prevent him from a slip up Friday night, although he handled the flop with grace.

During his final tune, the star fell off the stage mid-song and missed a bar or two of music before hopping back on stage to finish off the set. The incident seemed done with and nearly forgotten until the next day, when Paisley decided to make a joke of the whole situatioin.

On Saturday night, in preparation for McCreery's next stage performance, Paisley set up orange cones and caution tape around the edges of the platform. The park was all in good fun though it appeared, as McCreery was the one to post a photo of the stage on Twitter.

"Dagum @BradPaisley pranked me again.. he narrowed up the stage on me for my last song….. #MeetTheCrowdNight #ImOk" McCreery wrote on Twitter Saturday.

Despite the bright new stage decorations, McCreery continued on with his performance once again and finished his set for the second time but this time with a sharp reminder of where to draw the line. The concert was part of Paisley's "Virtual Reality Tour" which kicked off at the beginning of the summer and has also included other country artists such as Chris Young and Miranda Lambert.