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'Scream Queens' Season 1 News, Update: What's the Deal with Chanel No. 3's Earmuffs?

'Scream Queens' Season 1 News, Update: What's the Deal with Chanel No. 3's Earmuffs?

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First episode into Fox's sorority slasher "Scream Queens" and viewers are already engaged in so many mysteries that in turn make viable questions that need to be answered as the show moves on next week.

However, one of the most pressing issues seen during the two-hour series premiere on Tuesday is Chanel No. 3's ever-present earmuffs. For those who missed it, each scene with Billie Lourd would involve her wearing a pair of furry earmuffs despite the fact that the show isn't happening during one of those cold seasons.

Series co-creator Brad Falchuk recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter (via to shed light on the details.

Falchuk revealed that this specific wardrobe accessory has all the legitimate reasons to be there and fans better have more patience seeing it more often as it will be explained in due time.

"There is a very specific reason why she wears them, and you find out in either episode six or seven," Falchuk said. "We find out why she wears the earmuffs, but it's not just fashion. It's necessity."

Falchuck, who also served as an executive producer of the show, however, shared to THR that the muffs didn't really start as a necessity.

"It started as fun, and then once we had them and it looked great, it was like, 'Oh, we've got to give a good reason for it.' So we put that in there," he added (via Yibada)., meanwhile, dropped their wild, yet realistic theory of the earpiece's obnoxious presence. According to the site, the earmuffs are really there to pay homage to Princess Leia's (Carrie Fisher) double-bun hairstyle that she is seen wearing in the "Star Wars" trilogy.

Perhaps the most interesting thing on that note is that Lourd really is Fisher's real-life daughter to former partner, Bryan Lourd.

For the meantime, "Scream Queens" continues this week, September 29, with the third episode titled "Chainsaw," at 9 p.m. on Fox.


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