Screaming Flower Girl Sweeps Internet (VIDEO)

A video of an unhappy flower girl posted to YouTube has gone viral online this week.

Entitled "Funny Wedding Flower Girl Makes a Big Entrance," the video published on Thursday has already claimed over 200,000 views.

In the "America's Funniest Home Videos" clip, wedding guests prepare for the bride to enter as the music begins. However, the last of the bridal party includes a ring bearer and two flower girls, one of which appears visibly and audibly distraught.

The scene features a young girl careening down the aisle projecting high-pitched wails as she runs toward the waiting bridesmaids. Despite the unusual wedding procession, guests are heard laughing at the child's behavior.

Following the upset child's entrance, the remaining toddlers proceed to walk down the aisle when the young ring bearer is spotted adorably smacking his forehead in feigned embarrassment for the screaming child who came before him.

Among the thousands of viewers, many posted funny comments to go along with the video.

"Here is the kicker," posted Patrick to YouTube. "The groom did the same thing as he ran away after saying no."

"Aww that's so cute, wonder what scared her," Eira wrote.

On Twitter, Virginia posted, "Screaming flower girl makes any bridezilla look tame."

"The best flower girl of all time, ever," added Ciara.

"Funny Wedding Flower Girl" is the latest video to sweep the Internet, and like many before it, will be remembered and possibly even parodied in the future.

Popular YouTube videos of the past have often included scenes taken from weddings or from surprise proposals, including "Isaac's Live Lip-Dub Proposal" posted last year.

With over 18 million views, "Isaac's Proposal" is among the "best proposals ever." In it, a couple get engaged after dozens and friends and members of their family worked together to sing along to Bruno Mars' song "Marry You." Watch the video here.