Seahawks-Dolphins Sprinklers Fiasco: Dolphins Rigged Game? (VIDEO)

NFL players got an unwelcomed surprise on Sunday when their game was interrupted by sprinklers.

While Seattle may be known for its wet weather, the Seahawks were no more prepared for an onslaught of sprinklers than the Miami Dolphins were on Sunday afternoon at Sun Life Stadium. The Dolphin home field was hit with an unexpected wash of water during the third quarter of the game, temporarily bringing the game to a halt for a few minutes.

But after getting over the initial shock, some players commented that the accident was a "pretty cool."

"I never saw that before, not even in high school," Miami wide receiver Davone Bess said to The Miami Herald. "It was pretty cool."

Internet users joked that the sprinklers had been triggered on purpose to help the Dolphins achieve a victory during a tight game. The Dolphins did in fact win 24-21, but not until the very last quarter, as time on the clock was running out. Dan Carpenter cinched the win with a 43-yard field goal in the last seconds.

But of course, the Dolphins didn't gain the lead until after the sprinklers went off, which aroused some light-hearted wisecracks. More than one fan brought up a familiar Buffalo Wild Wing commercial that painted a strangely similar picture. During the commercial, a janitor interferes with the game by setting off sprinklers after being given the heads up by a Wild Wing's bartender.

Jokes were also made about both teams affiliations with water.

"Aren't Dolphins supposedly adequate swimmers?" one Huffington Post user joked.

"Maybe somebody wanted the Seahawks to feel at home," another prompted, referencing Seattle's rainy weather.

The Dolphins, for their part, have stated that the incident was a complete accident caused by a computer glitch. According to reports, the system was accidentally running on a Saturday schedule.