Sean 'Diddy' Combs Announces Sixth Child to Twitter Fans?

Sean "Diddy" Combs, head of Bad Boy Records, may be telling the world that he is expecting his sixth child months after rumors swirled concerning his engagement to singer Cassie Ventura.

While Ventura signed to Bad Boy Records in 2006, reports about her romantic relationship with Combs seem to have been confirmed this year when the two began sharing intimate photographs with of one another on their respective social networking accounts. On Thursday, Diddy treated over nine million Twitter followers to a photoshopped image of himself holding a pregnancy test with the caption, "Ohh (expletive)!!! Not again!!?"

Combs currently has five children with designer Misa Hylton-Brim and model Kimberly Porter. Although Combs did not confirm whether his photograph was a joke or sign of a future baby on the way, fans took to Twitter to react to the possibility that Ventura could be carrying the music mogul's sixth child.

"I really hope Cassie isn't pregnant, that'd be rude," one person tweeted after Diddy posted his picture.

Another person said they were surprised to hear the news.

"Cassie is pregnant by Diddy?" the person questioned. "Guess I didn't get the memo. #surprised."

Last month, reports swirled about a possible engagement between Ventura and the head of her record label. Hylton-Brim, the mother of Combs' 18-year-old son Justin Dior Combs, spoke to Philadelphia radio station Power 99's "Rise and Grind" morning show about Ventura's relationship with the father of her child.

When asked if she was upset about a possible engagement between the pair, Hylton-Brim did not deny the possibility of the two walking down the aisle in the future.

Instead, she confessed that she loved the 26-year-old singer and model.

"No, I love Cassie," Hylton-Brim said on the show. "I like Cassie for him. She's talented, she's beautiful, and she's really nice to him and to my son. And that's all I can ask for."