Sean Hannity's Ballot Picture on Twitter Illegal?

In what's seems as an innocent mistake conservative commentator Sean Hannity posted a picture of a completed ballot on his Twitter account before he cast his vote, which is illegal in several states including New York.

The mistake made by Hannity was first noticed by Think Progress, which quickly commented on the nature of the picture as well as it legality.

"This may be a misdemeanor under New York State elections law which prohibits voters from showing a ballot 'after it is prepared for voting, to any person so as to reveal the contents.'"

Hannity is not the only person to publish their completed ballot. According to a survey from the Pew Research Center, more than 22 percent of people had revealed who they were voting for through various social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

But what may cause Hannity to talk with local authorities is the fact that he may have broken some of New York states election laws.

One of the voting laws states that it is against the law for anyone who "shows his ballot after it is prepared for voting, to any person so as to reveal the contents, or solicits a voter to show the same."

Several states across the country also have laws that make it illegal to photograph a completed ballot.

After receiving word that he may have violated state voting laws, Hannity quickly removed the picture from his personal Twitter account and apologized for his mistake.

"I learned a big civics lesson today," Hannity posted on Twitter, adding, "I took a picture of my vote and I tweeted it out and then I heard it's not allowed. So I had to -- I deleted it -- whoops! I didn't know, I really didn't, honestly."

After a hard fought presidential campaign, President Barack Obama secured the coveted 270 Electoral College votes to remain in the White House for another four years.