Monday, May 07, 2012
Sears Breaks Promise, Resumes Selling X-Rated Material

Sears Breaks Promise, Resumes Selling X-Rated Material

A year after chain-store Sears agreed to stop selling X-rated products on its website, the company has apparently once again started offering pornographic material despite the protests of pro-family organizations.

The American Family Association noticed the new offers on the Sears website, which include sexually explicit products featuring human bondage and sadomasochism. Last year, after a nine-month struggle with the AFA and other pro-family organizations, the company removed the content and even sent a letter to the AFA apologizing for causing any offense.

"We sincerely apologize to any customers who were offended," Sears wrote in the statement. "Our agreements with our vendors prohibit content that is pornographic or sexually explicit in nature."

"We are removing these items that do not meet our guidelines. We regularly review our processes to ensure compliance by our vendors, and we encourage our customers and community to help us flag any items that they believe might violate our guidelines," the letter continued.

According to the AFA, what makes matters worse is that anyone can buy the X-rated material, including children. To test out the procedure, the pro-family group ordered one of the pornographic DVDs, which was shipped to them from Sears, and never in the entire process were they asked to confirm their age.

Sears has not revealed its reasoning for re-adding the pornographic in its catalog, but the AFA has urged concerned parents and citizens to revive the same initiative that first led to the chain store taking down the content.

"Unless Sears hears from you, they will continue to sell hardcore pornography," the AFA stated, encouraging people to contact directly the company's chairman, Edward Lampert.

Last year, Tim Wildmon, president of AFA, initially declared victory in the initiative when Sears took down the material, claiming that thousands of people had called Sears and influenced the decision.

"Because you and thousands of others chose to get involved, Sears could no longer defend selling pornography, nor could they continue to deny it! Thank you for taking action and convincing Sears to get out of the pornography business," Wildmon said.

"Together, and with God's help, we are making a difference," he added.


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