Second Stun Gun Incident Hits U.S. Airports

Just days after authorities found a stun gun on a Jet Blue Plane in Newark last week, another man has been apprehended at JFK International Airport for trying to sneak through security with two stun guns tucked away in his luggage.

53-year-old Othon Mourkakos was caught with the weapons as he prepared to board a Lufthansa Airlines flight to Frankfurt, Germany.

Transportation Security Administration screener, Romane Romain is reported by news agencies to have seen the stun guns in a suitcase during the airport X-ray search. That find led to a physical bag search and the confiscation of the offending items, according to a police report.

“I didn’t know it was illegal in New York,” Mourkakos said shortly before he was arrested.

According to authorities, Mourkakos claims he purchased the two weapons for his family members in Greece to help assist them with the civil unrest there.

A stun gun was found last week in the back seat pocket of a passenger seat by a flight crew member. That airplane had just completed Jet Blue flight 1179 from Boston to Newark.