Sectarianism to Lead to Dire Consequences in Egypt Amid Attacks, Says WCF

The World Christian Forum (WCF) expressed its anxiety over the recent attacks targeting Copts in Egypt, stressing that such acts reflect sectarian incitement that could lead to dire consequences.

The forum clarified its final statement during a recent meeting in Amman, Jordan. The participants discussed the current situations of their churches, including the need to develop relations with each other as well as with the citizens of their countries.

WCF also discussed the current environment in the region, which poses a serious threat against to religious minorities.

The statement called on the leaders of churches and their followers to handle the current period with wisdom, stressing that each person rely on their faith and cling to hope and love to overcome the current crisis.

"We express our solidarity with each human being suffering from the current political and social instability resulting from violence, regardless of his religious, political, ethnic or social affiliation," WCF said in a statement.

"We call upon citizens to renounce all forms of extremism and hostility, and return to our common humanitarian and spiritual values," the statement added.

WCF pledged to work to ease the pain of the victims and secure necessary relief for those displaced, both inside and outside of the country. It noted that this aid must come through cooperation by all sides of society, especially the governmental and civil authorities.

It urged officials to exert efforts to protect the Christian presence in the region by encouraging Christians to remain in their respective countries.

The forum called for solidarity with the people of the Middle East during this critical period through supporting equality and defending victims and the oppressed.

The statement also urged churches and Christian groups that participated in the forum to support the Christian presence in the Middle East. That would come through supporting the partnership with the followers of other religions to pave the way for achieving citizenship and full equality among all citizens, as written in international charters.

WCF called on Eastern Christians to stand united for the testimony of the Gospel, praying to achieve peace, justice, and stability in the world and especially the Middle East.