See a Shocking Sneak Preview of the Christian Film 'Heaven Is for Real' (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: Billy Hallowell/YouTube; Sony Pictures)

In 2003, Todd and Sonja Burpo's 3-year-old son Colton had an emergency appendectomy. The ordeal was harrowing enough, but when Colton woke up, he stunned them by detailing an experience of meeting Jesus, ascending to heaven and interacting with dead family members during the operation.

Burpo, a pastor at Crossroads Wesleyan in Imperial, Neb., wrote two books about Colton's experience, and now their story is coming to theaters in the film "Heaven Is for Real," starring Greg Kinnear as Todd Burpo and newcomer Connor Corum as Colton.

In a scene posted this week by The Blaze, Colton tells his mother that he met a sister he didn't know about during his time in heaven. Sonja is shocked because, unbeknownst to Colton, she had a prior miscarriage. Through tears, she asks Colton about this daughter she never knew.

See this sneak preview and the full trailer for "Heaven Is for Real" below. The movie comes to theaters April 16.