See the Emotional Reunion Between a Man and the Abandoned Baby He Rescued 58 Years Ago: 'Saved by the Hand of God' (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: CBS News/YouTube)

Dave Hickman has thought about the events of September 22, 1955 every day since he lived them, and it's a beautiful memory. He was out hunting with his grandfather when he heard a "strange, soft cooing sound" he couldn't figure out. Following the sound, he climbed a fence and found its source: a newborn baby girl wrapped in a towel.

They brought the baby to the hospital, and she was soon adopted. Hickman said goodbye, but the baby stayed in his heart as he wondered where she ended up. He eventually started searching for her, and, with the help of a retired sheriff, was able to track down one Mary Ellen Suey, the baby he saved, 58 years later.

See their story and emotional reunion in this CBS News report.