Selena Gomez Dangerous Stunt: Singer Lets Strangers Into Her SUV at LAX (VIDEO)

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(Photo: REUTERS / Mario Anzuoni)Actress and singer Selena Gomez poses at the world premiere of "The Thing" at Universal Studios Hollywood in Universal City, California October 10, 2011.

Selena Gomez pulled what some are calling a "dangerous stunt" at LAX Airport in Los Angeles this week, and has received a stern warning from some saying she should act more responsibly.

The young singer was seen at the airport in LA getting into her SUV when she was spotted by a TMZ camera crew.

As Gomez was about to depart she noticed a group of girl fans screaming at seeing her.

The singer apparently decided to stop the car and asked the girls to get in so they could meet her.

Gomez's bodyguards attempted to stop the girls from entering the vehicle, however, Gomez insisted and told the bodyguards it was fine, according to TMZ, and they eventually backed down to her requests.

However, some have warned Gomez that she should be much more careful, as she has no idea who she is letting into her car. Many have also pointed out that Gomez herself has received death threats in the past from crazed fans and even last year a stalker was sentenced to a jail term for bothering her.

It is believed that the singer just trusted that these were genuine and harmless fans, and that is how things panned out in the end. However, the incident has attracted a wave of concerned people commenting that she should be much more careful in the future.

Other fans in recent times to have gotten in trouble with seemingly crazed fans are Ellen Page, Taylor Swift and Bristol Palin, and seeing as Gomez has also been targeted by obsessed fans, some are saying she should have known better, especially when her bodyguards were advising her not to allow strangers into her car.

Gomez's publicist has played down the incident saying to TMZ that there were only three girl fans and that they simply wanted to get in to get an autograph from the singer. Gomez decided that she did not want to stand out in the open at the airport terminal, where it was more chaotic and where it could attract more attention, and so decided to get in her car. The publicist added that the singer allowed the fans to get in her car to get autographs and to take a picture in a more private setting than in the airport terminal.

Here is a video report of Selena Gomez's "dangerous stunt" at LAX: