Selena Gomez is 'Good Influence' for Justin Bieber, Says Singer Cody Simpson

Selena Gomez, 20, and Justin Bieber, 19, may be giving their romantic relationship another shot and the latter's tour mate seems to think it's a good idea.

Cody Simpson, the 16-year-old Australian pop singer who has toured with Bieber, believes singer and actress Gomez is good for the 19-year-old Canadian crooner.

"It's good to see that. She's always been a great influence on him," Simpson told recently. "She's amazing every time I've met her when I'm with him. She's a super sweet girl."

Bieber has been hinting about a reconciliation with Gomez while sharing images of the pair cuddled together on Instagram recently. In an image posted to his photograph sharing network recently, Gomez is pictured with her arms wrapped around a shirtless Bieber, who is working on his laptop.

"'You've been makin' music for too long baby come cuddle me -her,'" the caption on Bieber's photograph read.

The image comes one week after Bieber posted and removed another image himself and Gomez cuddled in a picture on Instagram. The latter was recently questioned about the reconciliation while on Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show.

"I think I've actually given enough of myself, if that makes sense," Gomez told Z100 when asked about Bieber. "I feel within my music, and even how I handle myself in interviews, people think they know, but they really actually don't … in a way, I like to keep myself a little bit private, but at the same time people do assume things."

Although the two split late in 2012, rumors of a reconciliation were fueled when the pair appeared in Norway at the same time during Bieber's recent "Believe" tour stop. Bieber fueled speculation about a possible reunion with Gomez when he tweeted he was "smiling" following his performance and began posting images of the pair on Instagram.

However, Simpson insists that the relationship is a positive thing for Bieber, who has faced public scrutiny in media headlines for months.

"I'm happy for them," Simpson told