Selena Gomez on Ellen, Leatherface Man With Chainsaw Gives Star a Scare (VIDEO)

Selena Gomez may not be a guest on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show" again, after getting spooked away by a leather-faced man holding a chain saw.

During a recent interview Selena Gomez admitted that she had an appreciation for scary movies. When poked about what she and Justin Bieber do during their spare time, she also admitted that they enjoy attending the annual Knott's Scary Farm at the Knott's Berry Farm Amusement Park in California.

"We go to Disneyland a lot, he likes it, but we go to Knott's Scary Farm because that's my favourite," she told the show host, Ellen DeGeneres.

Despite being proud of her beau however, she remained rather tight lipped about his status. When asked about how he was doing, twice she responded with simple one-line sentences.

"He's good," the former Disney star replied at first, elaborating very little the second time. "He is doing really, really, well."

DeGeneres apparently did not appreciate Gomez's short replies, but must have been expecting them because she came prepared with a surprise. To spice things up DeGeneres hired costumed men to appear on stage and go after the star.

"I'm the kind of person that likes to get scared, but I'm covering my eyes and ears the entire time," Gomez admitted before the man appeared; her statement soon came true.

A man in a Leatherface costume from the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" then appears behind Gomez quietly as DeGeneres says, "I like scaring people. I don't like being scared."

The man then rushes behind the actress and turns on his chainsaw.

Gomez responds by squealing and ducking for cover, eyes closed just like she promised.

"You guys are terrible," she told the audience. "You gave me no warning. They all knew!"

But DeGeneres wasn't done yet and just as she gets Gomez talking again, a second man in a vampire costumes pops out."

"Oh gosh, no!" Gomez screamed. "Enough, enough. I'm never coming back."