Selena Gomez Speaks On Justin Bieber Norway Reunion

Selena Gomez is speaking up about her recent reunion with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber in Norway.

Bieber, 19, announced that he would be in Norway for a performance last week on Twitter, while Gomez, 20, arrived in the country shortly before he hit the stage, according to TMZ. Bieber, the Canadian crooner who is currently touring around the world, seemed to spark speculation about a possible reunion with Gomez when he tweeted he was "smiling" following his performance.

After Bieber posted an image of himself and Gomez cuddled in a picture on Instagram, the latter was questioned about the reconciliation while on Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show.

"I think I've actually given enough of myself, if that makes sense," Gomez told Z100 when asked about Bieber. "I feel within my music, and even how I handle myself in interviews, people think they know, but they really actually don't… in a way, I like to keep myself a little bit private, but at the same time people do assume things."

Although the singer and actress refused to confirm or deny that she was back with Bieber, she let it be known that she had been enjoying herself.

"I'm in my twenties. I wanna have fun," Gomez said on the Z100 morning radio show. "I wanna enjoy my life and not have to worry about every single thing."

While no official claims have come out about the pair of entertainers reuniting romantically, the pair were also spotted together at Gomez' Los Angeles home last month. Gomez has been promoting her new single "Come & Get It" and has not shied away from answering questions about Bieber in the process.

Ellen DeGeneres, the talk show host and comedian, was one of the most recent people to question Gomez' about her split from Bieber.

"Everybody knew you were a couple and now you're not together anymore. ... And, of course, no one's just going to leave it alone," DeGeneres told Gomez on the set of The Ellen Degeneres Show recently. "We have to ask you about it. But you are doing OK? We're concerned that you're happy and we want you to be happy."

While Gomez said she was doing fine after the split, she also admitted that nobody has asked her on a date since Bieber.

Earlier this year, Justin Bieber's mother, Pattie Mallette, opened up about her feelings concerning her son's on-and-off again love interest.

When appearing on the "Today" show last February, Mallette gave Gomez compliments while supporting her son's decisions concerning the relationship.

"You know, I just try and support whatever he's wanting and I think she's a sweetheart, and whatever they decide is great," Mallette said on "Today."