Selena Gomez Talks Protecting Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez , the 21-year-old actress and singer, has been speaking about her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber in recent interviews and feels the need to protect her fellow singer.

Although Gomez and 19-year-old Bieber broke up after a two year relationship earlier this year, the former has nothing but nice things to say about her former love interest.

"He and I have such a history together," Gomez told "Good Morning America" recently. "I'll always care about him and protect him if anyone tries to be mean."

Earlier this month, Gomez detailed getting together with Bieber in an E! special with entertainment host Ryan Seacrest.

"I was 18 when we started to date. I don't know. You just have to be an 18-year-old and go through everything," she told Seacrest recently. "I learned that I should definitely be way more private next time."

Gomez admitted to Seacrest that she is single and revealed that dating an entertainer is far from easy.

"It's hard to just date in this industry," Gomez told Seacrest recently. "You can't really help who you date."

After breaking their romantic union at the beginning of the year, Gomez spoke about how that affected her.

"I'm sure you could actually see those pictures of me being, like, way stressed out about it," she said in the E! special. "And it's hard, because what do you do? Do you just wanna sit in your house and hide and not go anywhere?"

While Gomez has been opening up about Bieber recently, she made it clear that all of her interviews do not need to revolve around him. Gomez interviewed with Chicago's WGN Entertainment recently, but decided to cut things short when the topic of Bieber came up.

"You're, you know, probably as close a friend to Justin Bieber as they come. Is there something about him that we don't get or we don't understand," reporter Dean Richards questioned Gomez. "I mean, there is one story after another of, you know, pretty outrageous behaviour that we're reading about."

Gomez, who intended to promote her "Stars Dance" album which debuted on July 23, decided to hang up on the interviewer instead of entertain his line of questioning.