Selena: Innocent Image Abandoned For Career Purposes?

Selena Gomez is interested in revamping her Disney image by debuting more mature looks on the red carpet and appearing more daring in the latest music video for "Come And Get It."

Gomez, 20, may be looking for more mature looks in order to maintain her career in Hollywood as an adult.

In addition to her successful music career alongside the pop band The Scene, Gomez strives to become an accomplished actress. She first appeared on "Wizards of Waverly Place," but also in Disney films "Another Cinderella Story" and "Princess Protection Program," but today, Gomez would like more adult roles.

"I get offered teenybopper movies, and I've done that," said the Texas native speaking to Elle magazine late last year. "I haven't done a mega-hundred-billion-dollar Transformers movie, but that's not what I want to do, either."

The former Disney star recently portrayed a partying teenager in "Spring Breakers," a role that may have aided in changing the actress' innocent image.

"I'm nervous," Gomez admitted of the role, according to E! News. "It's a little edgy, but it's fun. I fought for the role."

Furthermore, the actress has made waves with red carpet appearances that also abandoned more innocent looks.

In addition to making changes to her appearance, Gomez is also reportedly so keen on maintaining her career as an adult that she is willing to assume nude or topless roles.

"Now that Selena is growing up to be a more serious actress and separating herself from her Disney past, she has no problem going topless if the role calls for it," said an insider at

"Without a doubt, Selena would go topless in a film if the role was right," the source added.

Many young stars such as Miley Cyrus experienced difficulty making the transition into more adult roles after their careers with Disney ended. In a recent report by Perez Hilton, Gomez is "not in Waverly Place anymore," citing the television series on Disney.

Nevertheless, Gomez remains busy for now. The star will celebrate her 21st birthday in July and is promoting her upcoming world tour and summer album "Stars Dance."