'Send Me to Heaven' App Has People Throwing their Smartphones, Literally

A new application called 'Send Me to Heaven' is now available in the Google Play market.

This unique challenge app asks smartphone users to toss their devices in the air as high as possible and to catch it when it comes back down. The app records their highest throw. The results are uploaded onto leader boards that are organized by the top 10 scores of the day, week, and worldwide. Phones that rotate dramatically after being tossed could mess up the score.

Users attempting to cheat by parachuting it off a building or launching it with a rocket will be disappointed to know that the device will not record scores that are unrealistic.

The current top score in the game is held by someone who threw their phone more than 40 meters which is around 131 feet high. The apps designer Petr Svarovsky attributes this feature to people building slingshots in order to catapult them up into the air. Some of these people have even posted their slingshot on Facebook. The app will eventually employ GPS to help players find local competitors to throw up against at local venues. There already is one being held in Oslo, Norway for those interested in participating in this strange activity.

"People like to show off their expensive models, we also like to show off that we do better than other people in sports," says Svarovsky. "I am very interested in what happens when you take games out of the computer, and it takes place in public space."

He has also created an app that screams and forces users to mimic that scream.

The 'Send Me to Heaven' app should not be played in the dark as it can cause some serious injuries.