Senior Citizen Flash Mob Dance to George Michael's Last Christmas (VIDEO)

This Christmas some seniors wanted more than just to spread some holiday cheer and chocolates, they wanted to spread smiles and laughs while donning their dancing shoes and moving their happy feet.

Elderly residents from Meadowlark Estates in Lawrence, Kan., decided to spread some seasonal cheer by performing a song recorded by the cast of the popular television show Glee at a local Target department store. The song that they chose was the recording of “Last Christmas.”

The lady that apparently coordinated the stunt had a large heart draped around her neck and was supported by several other happily twisting and shaking friends.

The leading lady was joined by a curious gentleman who started to imitate the dance moves that the other participants were performing.

A woman in a red turtleneck and sweater also participated in the flash mob along with her rosy pink walker holding her oxygen tank.

They all beamed throughout the performance, and looked perfectly happy.

"Last Christmas" was written by George Michael in 1984. It has been covered by a host of acts from the Glee cast to Ashley Swift, to Coldplay. The song often tops the music charts this time of year.

“What’d you think of that?” The woman recording the video can be heard asking after the flash mob had stopped.

A woman behind a red shopping cart is seen giving it a thumbs up. While another person is heard saying: “That was special!”

Flash mobs are when people assemble suddenly in a public place, usually to perform a musical number or dance routine.