Serena Williams Becoming a Rapper? Fans Unhappy With New Song

Although Serena Williams managed to beat Maria Sharapova to advance to the semi-finals at the Madrid Open, many of her fans in the United States were shocked to learn that the tennis star was exploring rapping in her spare time.

Williams, 30-year-old Olympic gold medalist who has been ranked number one by the Women's Tennis Association five times, was the topic of conversation for many people who heard the recently-released song that features the tennis star rapping for over a minute.

In the song, Williams speaks about being rich and recognized that people would be shocked to hear her on the track.

"I ball hard no tennis racket/ I can't see these haters through my Gucci glasses/ I make hits like batting practice/ They be like Serena is you really rapping," Williams rapped.

The tennis star also uses the song to reference her sister Venus Williams while bragging about her skills on the tennis court.

"I win I really mean it/ Swag out this world you should call me Venus," she boasted. "That's my sis, my name is Serena/ On the court I serve them up, no subpoena."

After hearing the song, some fans expressed their surprise that the tennis star was exploring music.

"Your [sic] joking right," one fan questioned when another tweeted about the rap song.

However, some critics were a bit more harsh at Williams' attempt to become a rapper.

"After setting 47 alarms on my phone this a.m., my cringing at this Serena Williams rap song is what ultimately woke me up," one person tweeted.

Another felt the tennis star was contributing to the decline of the music genre saying, "Hip Hop is dead."

The tennis star seemed to be embarrassed by the release, tweeting "Dear Bryant Mckinnie, I hate you."

Williams reportedly recorded the track at the Florida studio belonging to Mckinnie, the Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle who also serves as the CEO of Bmajor Music Group.

Despite the negative reaction to her rap, Williams still received support from a fan who tweeted, "It's not that bad."

The tennis star is currently in Madrid where she is gearing up to compete in the Madrid Open semi-finals.