Seth MacFarlane Academy Award Nomination 'a Surprise'

Writer Seth MacFarlane expressed his surprise at being nominated for Best Original Song category of the Academy Awards shortly after announcing the nominees for the 85th annual awards show on Thursday.

MacFarlane told "Good Morning America" after announcing the nominees with fellow actress Emma Stone Thursday morning that he found it to be a "surprise" that he was nominated for Best Original Song category for writing the song "Everybody Needs a Best Friend" for the hit comedy "Ted," which he wrote, directed, and starred in.

"That was a surprise," MacFarlane told "Good Morning America".

"I actually didn't think there was any chance that would happen," the creator of "Family Guy" added.

According to  Entertainment Weekly, MacFarlane is the sixth person to simultaneously host the Oscars while also receiving a nomination.

Additionally, he's the only person to receive a nomination while hosting the awards show solo.

Critics are questioning if MacFarlane will make for a good Oscar host, as previously the Academy Awards have chosen less than stellar acts, including the memorable James Franco and Anne Hathaway flop of 2011.

As Yahoo News contends, MacFarlane's incorporation of controversial humor and quick wit could just be the perfect mixture to liven the mood at the upcoming awards show.

"What [the awards show] has going for it is the fact that MacFarlane, 39, is, at least, a triple threat -- he writes, acts and sings -- with the seeming ability to tow the line to please both the young and old folks watching," Meriah Doty writes for the Yahoo! Movies Oscars blog.

"MacFarlane has the tricky task of poking fun at the Hollywood elite without alienating them -- or boring the millions watching at home," Doty adds.

MacFarlane will host this year's 85th annual Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles on Feb. 24.