Sexually Explicit Film Instead of Disney's 'Frozen' Shown to Families

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(Photo: Courtesy Disney)Florida families hoping to see the recently released Disney movie 'Frozen' were instead shown a sexually explicit scene.

Florida families hoping to catch Disney's latest movie "Frozen" were recently horrified when the theater showed several minutes of a sexually explicit scene.

"I was appalled. I'd hate to use that word, but I was," Lynn Greene, who attended "Frozen" with her grandchildren, told My Fox Tampa Bay.

Greene said that the film had already been delayed past its start time before the unwanted scene blew up in front of her family.

"Then they put in the filler, it looked like Steamboat Willie, the old Mickey Mouse cartoon, and then all of a sudden it goes into this other scene," said Greene.

A spokesperson for Regal Cinemas told My Fox Tampa Bay that the wrong movie had been accidentally started and was cut off less than two minutes into the film, and that the organization was taking steps to ensure that mistake does not occur again.

For Greene and her 6-year-old grandson, however, two minutes was long enough.

"It seemed like forever when you're trying to, you know, cover a little guy's eyes and, like I said, I didn't have enough hands to cover his ears too and he got the sound down real good," she said.

The theater apologized and gave Greene and other attendees free tickets but the grandmother hopes other precautions are taken so that no one else receives the type of surprise her family did.

"Frozen" was released last week and grossed $93 million from Wednesday to Sunday.