Seyfried Gown Hit or Miss at 'Les Miserables' Premiere? (VIDEO)

Amanda Seyfried may not have been the star of the film, but she was the star of the "Les Miserables" world premiere on Tuesday night after unveiling her glamorous red carpet attire.

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(Photo: Reuters)Actress Amanda Seyfried

The 27-year-old actress set the tone Tuesday night while strutting down the red carpet in a Valencia ensemble at Leicester Square in the U.K. The black, thin-strapped dress revealed a deep, scooped neckline and silver trimmed, empire waistline. Below the waist, the dress flared out in a flamenco styled ruffle, which continued around the waist down the slit on the actress' left side.

Fans of the actresses had plenty of positive things to say about Seyfried, although some were less impressed with her dress.

"Amanda Seyfried looks amazing! " one fan prompted.

"Not too keen on the dress (mainly the length) personally, but she is a stunning looking woman. Just beautiful," another user added.

Seyfried was cast as Cosette in the film remake of "Les Miserables," which will be released on Dec. 25. Cosette is the illegitimate daughter of Fantine, the main character played by Anne Hathaway. Cosette grows up to become become beautiful, and falls in love with Marius Pontmercy, who will be played by Eddie Redmayne.

 Hathaway also appeared on the red carpet looking glamorous. The actress wore an ivory Givenchy gown covered in pearls with silver embellishments. Hathway's character is a factory worker who is forced to turn to prostitution due to her illegitimate child. But both actresses changed into more simple looks before heading out to the red carpet after party, which was held at the Roundhouse in Camden, according to Mail Online.

The film will also star actors Hugh Jackman, who will play Jean Valjean, and Russell Crowe, who plays Inspector Javert.