Shain Gandee Dead: 'Buckwild' Star Found Along With 2 Others

Shain Gandee, one of the stars on MTV's "Buckwild," has been found dead, authorities confirmed earlier today. Gandee had ben reported missing yesterday and was found dead along with two others in a truck in West Virginia.

Gandee had been drinking with his uncle, David Gandee, on March 31; it was the last time they were seen alive. Both men said that they were going "four-wheeling" in the morning but did not provide details about where they were headed. Their family reported them missing when they did not return home and no one could get in touch with them.

A man on a four-wheeler spotted three unresponsive people in a truck on Wolf Pen Road in West Virginia, ABC affiliate WCHS-TV reported. He then called for help, but all three were pronounced dead at the scene. Two of the bodies belonged to Shain and his uncle; police have not released the name of the third person.

Gandee came to national attention when filming for "Buckwild," a reality show set in West Virginia, began filming. The show was deemed controversial because of its stars antics and was compared to MTV's other show "The Jersey Shore." Many felt that those on "Buckwild" were not actual representations of Virginians and gave the state a bad reputation.

"As a proud West Virginian, I am writing to formally request that you put a stop to the travesty called 'Buckwild,'" a letter written by West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin said. Manchin wanted MTV to cancel the show immediately, fearing it played "to ugly, inaccurate stereotypes about the people of West Virginia."

"Instead of showcasing the beauty of our state, you preyed on young people, coaxed them into shameful behavior – and now you are profiting from it. That is just wrong." Manchin added.

Yet the MTV audience felt otherwise and the station renewed "Buckwild" for a second season. Fans have taken the loss of Gandee rather hard, judging by the outpouring on Facebook and Twitter.